Natural Respect & Cautions

Unfortunately we humans have abused our beautiful planet for way too long, and the dire consequences are taking its toll with poisoned rivers, chemical pollution and the horrific destruction of much of our green belt areas, we sadly witness new buildings being erected where once a thriving woodland grew, and with it the destruction of plants, animals and wild life in general.

We now live in a fast paced, plastic wrap, throw-away society where so many people have become so detached from nature that they have not only forgotten the basic and fundamental law of ‘respect’ but also the many valuable things in which our forefathers once relied on daily.

It is not surprising that more and more of us are increasingly embracing a way of life that draws from simple, natural elements, with herbal remedies and natural oils. Although I am not opposed to the appropriate use of modern medicine, and fully accept that there are many illnesses which the use of conventional modern medicine is the answer, I also believe that there are many natural remedies which can heal and cure some everyday ailments. This of course does not mean that I am suggesting or encouraging anyone to throw away their prescribed medication, nor do I advise anyone to ‘self diagnose’ You should always seek medical advice from your doctor!

You should also consider the fact that just because something is ‘natural’ does not mean you may not have an allergic reaction to it! Indeed what is gentle and soothing to one person, may be an allergen to the next! It is always advised to carry out a patch test before using any natural products! I also strongly advise against picking wild plants from the countryside as many are in danger of dying out. As Nature lovers we must always give back what we take! Picking plant and berries from hedgerows which line a road is not a good idea because they are, sadly, in this day and age likely to contain chemical pollutants from the passing cars and their exhaust fumes! It is always a lovely gesture to the love of nature to buy some wild plant seeds and sprinkle them around, some will grow and some will not, while some will become lunch for the birds!

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of to tending loved ones with natural homemade remedies. Here we can share recipes and remedies, most of which we can find the ingredients in our own kitchen cupboards!


If you have health concerns you should consult a doctor before using or making any natural products, and should never try to self’diagnose. We at will not be held responsible for any adverse reaction you may have to our products or recipes on this site.


Hot Baths: Avoid very hot baths during pregnancy, or if you have high blood pressure, heart or vascular disease, or varicose veins.

Steam Treatments: Avoid if you have asthma, respiratory or heart disease.

Salts & Seaweed: Do not use Epsom, mineral or sea salts if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, or heart disease – Avoid seaweed if you are allergic to seafood or iodine or if taking thyroxine.

Scrubs & Masks: Avoid whole-body exfoliation and body masks if you have high blood pressure, or heart problems, while you are ill or recovering from illness and during pregnancy. Avoid nut-based preparations & products if you are allergic to nuts.

Essential Oils: Use only the oils specified and never use more drops than recommended. Omit those oils suggested if pregnant or breast feeding, and if you have high blood pressure, kidney problems, or epilepsy. Some citrus oils cause photo-sensitivity after use when skin is exposed to sunlight, leading to permanent brown patches on the skin. Check cautions before use, omitting citrus oils if you plan to be outdoors or use a sun bed in the 6 hours following use. If you have any doubts, omit essential oils altogether.

Massage: Avoid if you have high blood pressure, or skin problems. If you have any other health condition, consult your doctor before massage.

Patch Testing: If you have sensitive skin, always do a patch test before using herbs and essential oils. Blend 2 drops of the essential oil you plan to use in 1  tsp of sweet almond oil. Dab a little of the mixture on the inside of your elbow or wrist. Wait 12 hours, if you notice a reaction such as redness or itching, avoid this oil.

Milk Baths: Avoid cows milk if you are allergic to dairy products, substitute with goats or sheep’s milk alternatives is tolerated.


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