Skin and Body Care

Many of us have a good facial cleansing and moisturising routine which we practice daily. However, how many of us are neglecting the rest of our skin on our body?

Our skin is the first line of defence against infection, and has literally millions of nerve endings which provide our sense of touch. Skin has to be strong, flexible, and sensitive all at the same time, as well as being capable of excreting oils and waste products. Also by continually renewing itself by self-lubrication, our skin remains soft. A healthy skin has a slightly acid pH balance and secretes anti-microbial substances helping to maintain a good balance of friendly micro-organisms.

Again I stress the importance of maintaining a good healthy diet, because without taking in those vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals it is impossible to have health skin no matter what we may apply to its surface. Internal health goes hand in hand with external health.,

There are many ‘natural’ skin products being pushed at us left right and centre today! However, commercial mass produced soap for example, have had the glycerine removed from them which in turn removes the moisturising properties of the soap. Most mass produced commercial soaps are full of synthetic detergents and synthetic oils, and although they may look and smell pretty, they are a mere illusion in therapeutic and moisturising values! You may ask yourself why the commercial companies remove the glycerine from their soaps? Well, quite simply the glycerine is actually worth more than the soap itself, and as glycerine is formed very naturally through the soap making method, commercial companies then sell the glycerine to other manufactures making a fat profit at the expense of your skin!

Hand crafted soaps maintain the glycerine and the powerful moisturising properties of that are given an extra big boost with added ingredients such as plant oils, botanicals, herb and flower infusions, pure essential oils, oats and goats milk, along with shea and cocoabutters! This is why I am very particular about what products we are presenting to our customers at Parsley Sage, as we want only the very best most natural ingredients going into those products and absolutely nothing being taken out!


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  1. Jessica
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 16:53:31

    Thanks for the info!


  2. Etha Lappi
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 22:22:22

    you’ve got an incredible blog here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?


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